Guided Meditation

Come sit with Sheila Marie as she takes you on a guided journey using many techniques that you can use on a daily basis; bringing calmness and abundance to your health and daily life. This is a great class to help you become grounded and relieve symptoms of anxiety, grief and every day stress. All ages are welcome to attend.

All meditations are online due to COVID crisis


 8:00 PM EST.... Free 

please email sheproductions54@gmail and a link will be sent to you

Weekly practice your connection to the Universe

Psychic Mediumship Series 3 Tuesdays 7:30 pm

Psychic Development 
Series 3/  Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Learn Advanced psychic mediumship techniques to enhance your connection. to the spirit realm.
with transfiguration,automatic writing and a few other techiniques.

Sereis 1 and 2 are pre-requiste for this class.  Class rotate every 5 weeks 
begins December 8th 7:30pm to 8:30 est

Psychic Mediumship

series 2

Tuesday class Online 

This class is the continuation to the psychic develpoment series 1. You must take psychic dev. 1 prior to this class. This class is a continuation of series 1. Developing your connection and foundation.

Tuesdays 6pm

next class begins December 8th ,2020

5 weeks 

fee: 200.00

Psychic development online Class / Thursday's /Series 1

Do you want to develop your intuitive abilities and senses ?
Come online with Sheila Marie and learn her blueprint to connect you to your inner light.  She will guide you to learn the mechanics of your own true psychic strength and functions in a group setting. :
In this class you will:

  • Let go of fear that is holding you back

Trust your higher power ; Allowing you to be true and connect with your inner light system

  • Connect to your Intuition and psychic abilities

  • psychometry

  • Psychic files

  • Mechanics  and understanding of psychic mediumship and how to connect to spirit realm

All ages thru pre-beginner to professional welcome

Thursday Evenings online at 6pm est

 5 classes included.. Next series start

December 10th  6pm to 7:30pm EST

FEE: $100

This class cycles every 5th week a repeat of the past 5.. please text 508.274.9688 to find out next beginning date

​Psychic Development Intensive weekend

April 2021

17th and 18th

(1pm to 6pm)

Medway Studio ,Ma

*DO you want to learn to connect to spirit ?

*Do you want to enhance your inner light system connection with the Universe ?

* Do you feel you are unsure of your connection and that you need to be guided how to properly connect and receive messages ?

* Is you FEAR blocking you from connection ?

* Are you a professional or a beginner and want individual guidance?


Let Sheila Marie help you let go of the FEAR and show you safely to connect to the spirit realm and help you find peace in your heart to understand and connect within your inner light system.


Sheila Marie is a global renowned forensic medium who has taught thousands of people her personal Blueprint  to the spirit realm !


The time is NOW to live your life with passion and purpose  most people live on the grid and are living a life unfulfilled and have traded there birth right to connect to there inner light system . Let her help you get connected and live a purposeful enlightened life.